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Sista You're A Star!

I'm so terrible with this blogging thing. I don't have time it seems to just write text that doesn't generate cash. Anyway...

I'm still loving being free of chemical processes on my hair. My husband just recently declared "Iobsolutely LOVE your hair!" Wow...I couldn't have paid for a better response in support of my decision to get Sisterlocks! Michigan has been sooooooooo hot and humid for the past few weeks. My appreciation of my Sisterlocks grew realizing that despite the humid weather(that would have wrecked havoc on my relaxed hair before) I was STILL experiencing PEACE with myself because I was mentally content with the condition of my hair.

My husband also says "my hair emancipation" has set me FREE in other areas.

Get locs ya'll and be FREE! See the KeciaShow at my Sisterlocks Consultant's website

Doin' My Blessed Thang...

2005IS my year for MORE-- judgement and overflow, growth, change and direction. Ideas have become actions in motion. The motion is locked in cruise at full speed ahead.

I've always desired to be in business for myself; wear my natural hair; eat healthfully; strengthen my inner man ( spiritually); care for my home, family and physical body with 100% natural effectiveness. I'm doing most of it. I'm stretched though. My challege is finding balance daily. I can get so focused... Being in the zone of one's purpose can take on a life of its own it seems.

How am I doing? Visit my websites, call my 24 HR Info lines, send me an email, try my products and services, give me some feedback...
GreaterDetroitLiving.comESandB.com877-793-2345 ext. 35

I'm so sleepy right now...I'm going back to bed...of course only to dream about fine tuning my purpose-driven life these days...