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Sisterlocks Touch Lives

Take one of the longest locs you have on your head... go ahead, hold a single loc between you thumb and index fingers, examine its end... Now, think who started your locs (You? Established loctician? Friend? SL-trainee? Family-member?) Now, consider all those who have retightened your locs, mended your locs... or touched your hair to get it to its present state.

Can you list their names? I have been SL'd 4 years. As I really began to think about how a single loc has a story, I considered my own. Paulette Brown-- started my locs as a SL trainee at her kitchen table after working her 9-to-5 job (I'm one of her "qualifying heads" towards Sisterlocks Certification). Today, she has quit her old 9-to-5. She owns her own shop in multiple locations. Her salon serves to offer experience for several other SL-trainees-- many of whom were her own clients.

Here's my longest loc... from it end to the root we've interacted with Paulette, Ericka, Atoya, myself, Robin, Ashlee…

GOOD Hair -The Movie

Chris Rock's GOOD HAIR expected in theaters OCTOBER 2009...

Natural Journeys family, I don't EVEN have to say how I will see this movie WITH my coiffed Sisterlocks as fly and fabulous as possible...on THAT DAY fo' sho'... right!?

Sisterlock Consultants and natural hair stylists EVERYWHERE: how about a GNO (girls night out) showing or MEETUP around this film?!

Let's SHOW 'EM betta than we can TELL 'EM how BEAUTIFUL natural hair can be in ALL its nappy varieties. (Not to start 'nuttin or anything...) No, just to let it be known that a full range of styling options are available with natural hair with NO lack of BEAUTY...

Of course, the REAL MESSAGE of the movie is to communicate that the stuff on top of our heads is hardly as important as the content of our character.

I can't wait to see this film! (Somebody's probably already got a bootleg version of it somewhere, I'm sure... you know how we do...) Let's spend the movie though and see it!…

Oh, how fast they grow!

Did you think I was JUST talking about my Sisterlocks?! Gotcha! I'm and I'm not actually... I have been just so touched by how fast my kids are growing. These girls are my twins. Two-thirds of my offspring.

McKenzie here just lost her first top tooth on Friday.
While, her twin sister (the older one by 20 minutes) lost her second top tooth just the day before on Thursday.

Oh my twin babies, weren't, and aren't, they just the cutest! (Having a Mommy moment totally right here...just bare with me...)
To think... these babies (preemies born 2 months early) grow and mature much like our locs. Just continue about your everyday routine and regimen... then before you know it, you'll see major growth. You might lose a figurative tooth along the way (like that initial self-consciousness of really being nappy in a public of perm-out and weaved-up beauties), but it's all good...

'Cause guess what? We are all the happier for it. Water is now OUR friend.

Hope you, too, are e…