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SisterlocksTouch Lives

Take one of the longest locs you have on your head... go ahead, hold a single loc between you thumb and index fingers, examine its end... Now, think who started your locs (You? Established loctician? Friend? SL-trainee? Family-member?) Now, consider all the those who have retightened your locs, mended your locs... or touched your hair to get it to its present state.

Can you list their names? I have been SL'd 4 years. As I really began to think about how a single loc has a story, I considered my own. Paulette Brown-- started my locs as a SL trainee at her kitchen table after working her 9-to-5 job (I'm one of her "qualifying heads" towards Sisterlocks Certification). Today, she has quit her old 9-to-5. She owns her own shop in multiple locations. Her salon serves to offer experience for several other SL-trainees-- many of whom were her own clients.

Here's my longest loc... from it end to the root we've interacted with Paulette, Ericka, Atoya, myself, Robin, As…

DAY 5: Gum in Sisterlocks

Well... my daughter is definitely 7-years old! While she has never-- to my knowledge-- gone to bed with gum in her mouth, she chose to do so WITH newly installed Sisterlocks...and, YOU GUESSED IT... she GOT CHEWING GUM IN HER Sisterlocks!! sigh...

We worked it out... get her side of the story at her new blog Kids Can Have Sisterlocks

Stylin' with 2girlsBIGsister

Introducing 2girlsBIGsister... my Sisterlock'd Daughter

Can you see how proud I am of my first born child's decision to get SLs? She was such a BIG girl. Her Sisterlocks install took 11 hours and 30 minutes with two masterful locticians on her head. My baby was crowned by the INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN Certified Sisterlocks Consultant Paulette Brown and her qualifying Certified Sisterlocks Trainee De'Borah Letbetter

The gregarious and creative Certified SL Consultant Atoya Martin did my retightening while my daughter was serviced... a rich mother/daughter time indeed. As a matter of fact, matriarchal love was in full effect on May 17, 2009 at Locks4Life. There were 4 sets of mother & daughter in and out the shop during the day!

Daddy got in on the mommy/daughter day action with a little pre-Sisterlocks hug to his baby girl prior to 2girlsBIGsister's SL session.

What a special day! More to follow...

LockItUp Covergirl!

Check 3girlsmomma out, here... representin'LockItUp Yahoo Group.

LockItUp group was created to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information regarding Sisterlocks®, Brotherlocks® and other natural black hair care topics.

The covergirl for LockItUp Yahoo Group will rotate eventually but for now... it's my face or more so my head of hair at this time.

I'm so honored! Thanks Brunsli-- moderator of LockItUp (I think...)

If you have got a webcam or digital camera, upload your photos to Picasa, Flauntr, or any number of photo editing programs and crop, recolor and whatever JUST LIKE I DID in this picture featured. Looks pretty professionally done, DOESN'T IT?!

Ladies--and bruthas--send in your pics to LockItUp and be the next LockItUp Covergirl (or guy)!!

Kreativ Blogger Award? Thx Docs Locs!

Make an on-line slide show at My creativity was stirred when I was contacted by fellow blogger Docs Locs who informed me that she had chosen Natural Journey’s to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Thanks Docs Locs...what a wonderful surprise!!

It is an honor to receive this award from another beautiful intelligent sistahpreneur like yourself!

As I understand it… the terms of acceptance require that I:
 post the award on my blog
 link to the person who nominated me
 list seven things I love
 pass the award along to seven other bloggers
My Seven PICS
Carmen is so real and really creative with her Tomoka's Twists & Tie line
Hailing from the Bahamas, BahSun is making her mark on the Web
Dewdrop is so informative... and natural teacher
Maryee is all over the Web sharing and inspiring others to loc and spiritual maturity
Blaqkofi …