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Love me some Obama

History in the making...
Senator Barack Obama has accepted the Democratic nomination for President of the United States and Joe Biden as his running mate.

[Me tryin' to kiss Sen. Obama on the cheek at the TV but Barack kept movin'...almost got his mouth (don't beat me up Michelle...just a friendly kiss of support was my intention)-- my husband (a non-Obama supporter) captured the pics]

Barack Obama was short on specifics as to how he would affect CHANGE in his DNC speech, but I don't see that as a BAD THING. Why get into the specifics when you don't have the "full deck of cards in hand" you'll be dealing with in Washington?? To delineate "the how" NOW could only stand as ANOTHER thing to slam Barack about when he may have to CHANGE his approach in light of new information, factors, and circumstances for which he will have NO PRIOR knowledge about UNTIL he is faced with "classified" information that only those in the Presidential circl…

This is ME...

My husband captured this photo of me on the computer. He wanted me to blog on it because I'm ALWAYS on the computer. He has even given me a nickname-- "Kecinet Jblog Webdell." He's workin' on a drawing that somehow incorporates my Sisterlocks, USB cables, a mouse, a computer monitor and/or keyboard. I can't wait to see what he comes up with because it may become my logo.

Strange and Wonderful Things About Locs

I was just thinking about the comments I've heard about my hair now loc'd as well as some of the things I've experienced wearing Sisterlocks lo these 3 years.

COMMENT: "Your hair looks more feminine now... I like it on you!"

EXPERIENCE: My locs are long enough now to get into things like my food when I eat, the water fountain, my toothpaste lather when I brush my teeth in the morning & night.

COMMENT: "When are you gotta take that out?!"

EXPERIENCE: My locs get caught under my husband's arm in bed or when they tickle my back and shoulders in the summertime makin' me swat like crazy. I think what I'm feeling is a BUG (this really happens when I wear an updo and a loc or two hangs down unexpectantly)

COMMENT: "I thought where going to the salon to get your hair DONE?" (Said usually after a retightening session... 'cause they see no "change")

COMMENT: "I didn't know OUR HAIR could bounce like that!" (My h…

Momma's Silky Locs...DONE

Anthia-ofo, just a lil' follow-up on my momma and her silky locs...
Well, one of my brothers saw her head and said, "You look like Kizzy!"

With that... my momma contacted her beautician, set an appointment and had those silky locs washed right out!!

She was back to her press-and-curl style by the next time I laid eyes upon her.

Anthia-ofo, so much for "hope [that] she goes all the way and gets locked up!"

She not ready... yet!

We keep hope alive, though... huh, Anthia-ofo!?

Estrogen-mimicking Compounds in Hair Products

The article Early Bloomers about premature puberty in the August 2008 issue of Natural Awakenings (you know that the FREE publication you can pick up at your local library or health food store) caught my attention as a mother of 3 daughters under 8 years old. Particularly the following excerpt:

Another study of Michigan children, who had accidentally been exposed in utero to polybrominated biphenyls (common fire retardants), reported that the girls ended up menstruating one year earlier than the control group. Yet another study pointed to estrogen-mimicking compounds found in the hair products of African-American women as a factor in hastening the puberty of their children.

In addition to chemicals and obesity, experts have implicated hormones in milk, meat and soy. Others hypothesize that a girl raised in a home with a man other than her biological father, such as a stepfather, can physiologically react to his chemical scents, called pheromones, setting her own hormonal cascade into mo…

I've been tagged...

Now, let's see to follow "The rules" I need to do the following:
1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Post these rules and 8 random facts about yourself.
3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

I was tagged by a dear friend from high school Jackie M.

8 Random facts about 3girlsmomma...[TMI brace yourself]
* My big toenails are different sizes due to several ingrown toenail surgeries
* I dislike my fingernail beds. I'd like them to be more rectangle than circle.
* I love to look at the sun & moon and think that EVERYONE sees the SAME sun & moon on this planet-- WHEREVER they's just awesome to me!* Being 40 is FABULOUS these days!
* I covet my husband's flawless skin
* I would rather become blind than lose my memory
* I want to live in a 100% solar powered home
* I love Bernie Mac & I'm gonna miss him like family...

I have notified the following friends of being tagged
Alicia A
Cheryl K
Robert M
Karen P

AdWords+SpotMixer=Vid Dollars

The world of online video (and television) advertising is rapidly expanding. Even as a small business, you can get aboard! You can now be very innovative in creating and distributing ads in ways that maximizes the limited advertising budget. Here’s my recent favorite: SpotMixer ( You can get your business involved with online video either from scratch or by using assets from radio or online video ads you’ve already created.

Here’s where TV enters the picture… got a Google AdWords account already? You can distribute your video created thru SpotMixer via the Google TV Ads™ program. Here’s my creation:

My lil’ video is on YouTube and Google videos right now because SpotMixer provides you its MP4 format to use on your own website and embed code to easily add it to your blog or social networking sites. Sweeeet! They even claim to have integrated search engine optimization with online video to improve your organic search results. (Remember, SpotMixer is new on the scene… …

Myyyyy Momma Got Silky Locs!?

“I guess you are gonna say that I’m tryin’ to copy YOU…” my mom began, talking to me on her cell phone. I was the first person my momma called on her way home from the salon...

She already knew how daddy was gonna react to her decision to try silky locs. My dad is a licensed barber and likes to threaten to cut my Sisterlocks off. His way of jokingly expressing his dislike for my loc'd hair in addition to his direct statements of dislike about my hair. Anyway... momma already knew what she was up against in heading home to her husband--my dad. I was on the phone when she entered the house greeting my dad saying, "Hey love..." I could hear my daddy in the background grunting, "ughhh!" Momma and I both laughed. Actually, I think it was me laughing louder than momma. Momma went right into explaining why she had gotten THIS style.

A little background info: my mom recently retired, yet is about to start a new job that requires her to travel (daddy goes too). So my …

Animoto Rocks YOUR Sisterlocks Pics

Make Pics of your Sisterlocks journey JAM!

You have heard me rave over – the upgrade from the slideshow for your pics to music video and you’ve seen mine at my YouTube channel

Animoto has a Business use version as well.

Did you know that once you register YOU can earn 3-months of full-access unlimited access by referring others to Animoto? You don’t even have to be a paid member to join Animoto’s REWARDS program. It is just a really nice way to be “compensated” for referring Animoto to others.

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How popular is Animoto? Rea…

Valana Minerals Discount Coupon Code

Perhaps you’ve seen my YouTube video and/or already know how much I LOVE my Valana Mineral makeup! Like me, if you have ever been frustrated with the mere three tone mineral makeup packages nationally advertised because the woman of color is not their target market…I want you to try Valerie Reed’s formulations—owner of Valana Minerals, a division of Afribaby LLC. When you do would you let me save you 10% on your purchases of $50 or more using my Valana Minerals Discount Coupon Code? All I ask of you is to help me get the word out about Valana Minerals and send this post to as many women of color you each know-- Asian, Hispanic, African, multi-racial and Arabic women all have similar issues. My desire –same as Valerie Reed’s-- is for all of us to display OUR beauty to the world and reap the benefits mineral makeup has to offer.

I am one of Valana Mineral’s newest affiliates as so I’m prohibited to post the Valana Minerals Discount Coupon Code that wish to share with you personally as …

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Already a writer with your own ezine? is not just for reading your favorite magazines - you can upload your catalogues and product brochures too! So don't hesitate - start sharing your own publications.

Here’s the part you’ll love… it's entirely free! Honestly, I don’t understand how they can do this…but it IS TOO COOL resource that is free, Do check it out!! It is new… it’s in beta, so bear with any technical difficulties you may experience. You will however need a high-speed connection to read the magazines as you would in real-time.

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Robin Simpson's Sisterlocks Bob Cut

As promised, here's a follow-up on Locks4Life Certified SL Consultant Robin Simpson hair before and after. I love Robin's curly SL... but like we've talked about before on this blog and among loc'd hair circles Robin envys those with locs that are closed/matured at the ends and can't wait to get there.

Anyway... here she is lookin' too cute rockin' the SL'd bob-cut... SHOW HER SOME LOVE

Retightening my hair.. argghhhhh!

Now you all know how much I absolutely positively LOVE my hair... well, my love affair became quite tainted with the challenge of retightening my hair myself. While I am entirely capable of doing it (I've been trained well-- thx Paulette) and supported by many of my dearest SL'd sistahs online from all over our great nation not to mention that when I set my mind to something its already done…

I JUST DON'T [mind bending expletives deleted] WANT TO DO IT!(Makes me wanna cuss...for real)

Locks4Life Certified SL Consultants Robin, Atoya and Paulette each gave me grief when I showed back up at the salon for Paulette to complete what I had started and just had failed to finish and to set-up my regular regime of precisely scheduled retightening appointments. Robin taunted me talkin’ about… “how do you feel about dropouts?!” Alluding to the fact that I am a teacher by profession who hates to see students just give up (I didn’t catch it at first). But, then I guess I am thinkin’ li…