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Estrogen-mimicking Compounds in Hair Products

The article Early Bloomers about premature puberty in the August 2008 issue of Natural Awakenings (you know that the FREE publication you can pick up at your local library or health food store) caught my attention as a mother of 3 daughters under 8 years old. Particularly the following excerpt:

Another study of Michigan children, who had accidentally been exposed in utero to polybrominated biphenyls (common fire retardants), reported that the girls ended up menstruating one year earlier than the control group. Yet another study pointed to estrogen-mimicking compounds found in the hair products of African-American women as a factor in hastening the puberty of their children.

In addition to chemicals and obesity, experts have implicated hormones in milk, meat and soy. Others hypothesize that a girl raised in a home with a man other than her biological father, such as a stepfather, can physiologically react to his chemical scents, called pheromones, setting her own hormonal cascade into motion. Some point to the increased sexualizing of children in television and print advertising. Many say that more stress and less exercise are culprits.

“In the animal industry, to hasten puberty, they keep the animals confined, they feed them really rich diets, and they grow really fast. That is exactly what we are doing to our children,” observes Herman-Giddens.

Many of us loc'd sistahs and brothas now keep our hair regime simple. As our hair matures we mature-- spiritual, soul and body. What are we doing about our babies? I say we should certainly have our kids drink more unadulterated filtered water/spring water, take supplements and eat foods that detoxify. I stress the detox point because as a parent you recognize that everybody needs to obviously avoid hormone-laden food, but WHO of you my dear readers has got his/her own garden in pure soil and is raising his/her own livestock? Not me! I, like you I'm sure, go to the market by organic where I can, read labels to shop responsibly and such but TRULY I'm going on FAITH that my certified organic product is indeed that as well as every OTHER label I examine is indeed what it says it is AND that every OTHER player within the factors of production does his/her part. I trust you get my point.

So we begin ready doing right by what we consume by the mouth... let us NOT FORGET our largest organ-- our SKIN. What is our skin eating from our environment as well as from that which we readily apply directly to our skin from head to toe.

So do the very best you can to be vigilant against free-radical damage in its various forms. Of particular importance is that free radical damage accumulates with age. I say... detoxify and live!


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