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Exceptional Skin And Body LLC Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary!

My online baby, Exceptional Skin and Body LLC -, turns 1 year next month!
How time flies!

"I am very appreciative for the tremendous support of my husband-Ken and our three daughters, my silent partner and grandmother-- Pauline Daniels, my family, friends, each ESandB customer, my fine drop-ship affiliates and advertisers," reflects Kecia Waddell, owner of,, and

"I am encouraged by the increased support for sustainable agriculture and methods, environmental protections, the organic industry, optimal health and well-being awareness. My involvement and commitment to these values/causes in the past 12 months has given me the opportunity to make contacts and forge relationships with many like-minded individuals who share the goal of reducing their ecological footprint. I'm encouraged that ESandB is on the right track toward making a difference in our world-- one life at a time."

Enter to win'…