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250 Votes for Valana Minerals

Valana Minerals is a 'for us by us' line of high quality 100% natural and vegan cosmetics. Sistahpreneur Valerie, owner and creator of Valana Minerals, has entered a competition to win a business grant through Chase Bank and Living Social for business. Winning the grant would be a great opportunity!

Would YOU help get her the 250 votes she needs to qualify for the next phase of the competition?

Simply log into your Facebook account (I know you've got one!) to vote.
1. To vote, please visit this link and log in
2. On the bottom left side enter Valana Minerals in the “business name” box and click “Search”
(note: You don't need to type the city and state because there is only one Valana Minerals.)
3. Then click “VOTE”

With three quick steps, you can help Valana Minerals get to the next level. The voting process is quick.

Now, if you haven't tried Valana Minerals go there now... do yourself a favor and request my VMDiscount Code by email to  SAVE 10…