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Whip My Sisterlocks Hair

We had so much fun putting this together! My three daughters 'bout break their necks dancing and performing Willow Smith's smash single "Whip My Hair" whenever they hear this tune. (Which is DAILY... since music is on-demand these days with YouTube, right?!)

I had a little time over the Thanksgiving holiday to put this together. Unfortunately, 2girlsbigsister was ill during the production but managed to get into Day 2 of trying to work this thing out. Ms.ZB was game from Day 1. Her "swag" was only minimally featured in front of the camera, but BAAAABBY that Ms.ZB has moves with attitude when this song is played.

As you can IMAGINE we ALL had headaches for awhile after rockin' out take after take, practicing and messing up! What great family FUN, though! Hilarious...

DON'T get it twisted... there is a MESSAGE TO OUR VIDEO! We are saying stay the course doin' YOU naturally. "Shake off" the haters and enjoy shakin' off relaxers, fake …