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Heard about the pirates and the BIG Rescue? Learn about Rear Admiral Michelle Howard

Who Knew?! Black Female Navy Admiral Michelle Howard Thwarts Pirates

While the media focused on the rescue of the captain of the U.S. cargo ship from the Somali pirates, our attention was diverted from the very person that lead the charge to get him back to his family. This 365 Black History fact is only circulated on a need-to-know basis... I think my readers just MIGHT be interested in knowin'... y'all let ME KNOW for sure. Leave your commments...seems Black FIRSTS are STILL being made in the 21st Century. That being said I, for one-- American of African hertiage, find such info newsworthy.

Apparently, the Navy Times ran a story on Rear Admiral Michelle Howard who took command of the Navy’s counterpiracy task force only three days before the pirates attacked the U.S. cargo ship Maersk Alabama and snagged the captain as a hostage. Get the story from Navy Times here. I caught wind of this story via an email be circulated by my family members.

The U.S. Navy hadn’t seen this type o…

TotalBlender: Vita-Mix for Dummies?

Being a lover of all things natural, healthful, organic and simple… I was challenged today by Shelly—Michigan’s Total Blender Rep at COSTCO today over my love for my VitaMix Blender. (I really hate to call my VitaMix a “blender” cause it does so much more than just blend stuff…It makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and and other great stuff. It basically replaces up to 10 other appliances!)

First of all, you've gotta know that I have been a proud VitaMix kitchen appliance owner for over 7 years—with no problem WHAT-SO-EVER. It STILL makes soups, smoothies, pulverizes grains or tough skins and cleans with ease. I LOVE IT and really have no complaints. Until, Shelly, today… with HER Total Blender.

I called it the “VitaMix for dummies” as it was totally automatic, with few accessories, and buttons on this new blender that automatically shut off when the blending process was complete. The machine a…

Locs: The Hair Control Freak's Kryptonite

This post by Sisterlock Consultant Tonita from the LockItUp Yahoo Group was just so well said that I HAD to post it on my blog:

For many it is not an easy decision to change hair styles. With SL's you are changing your hair completely and that causes some anxiety.

Before SLs I trusted my cosmetologist to perm, style, condition, braid, jheri curl or whatever to my hair. Rarely did I ask questions or felt like I needed to. I sat in the chair and knew I would be pleased when I left.

SL consultants are operating on the same principle. We do good work. Your consultant's goal is to do her very best for you and all others who seek her services. Some consultants aren't cosmetologists, but the love of locks brought them to SLs and they to share it with others by installing and maintaining locks.

Don't be concerned about every step of the process. Don't fret if you have 349 locks instead of 350, don't examine every lock for perfection, don't worry about slippage it'…

3girlsmomma Uninstalled Her Sisterlocks??

APRIL FOOLS! This is me foolin' around in my mother-in-law's wig! I was actually shocked that all my Sisterlocks fit under this short-cut wig. Strangely, I don't even feel like ME in this old hairstyle I used to wear when I was lye-ing. I so LOVE myself in Sisterlocks... Never fear... I'm loc'd 4 life!!