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Kecia's "On the CUP?!"

After being sold on the very CONCEPT of reusable feminine protection, I ordered the Diva Cup. Upon receiving my Diva Cup, I couldn't wait for my period to start! At the first sight of blood, I inserted the Diva Cup, and went about my day.

I cannot adequately express to you how "beautifully woman & entirely female" I felt looking at the reflection of my nude body in my full length mirror, on my period, with no string swinging from my genitals. Now I know how Pinocchio must have felt becoming a real boy...because I too had 'no strings' and I felt really FREE as a woman!

By the end of the day...I had been just so impressed with the comfort and the effectiveness of the Diva Cup that I had to give Francine Chambers a call and tell her how wonderful the Diva Cup was for me. I vowed to Francine that day that my 3 daughters will only know of the Diva Cup for their feminine protection needs when they become of menstruation age. (My daughters are 3- & 2-years old to …