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Love the Hair You Were Born With

Reprint of article by Karen Marie Shelton in, July 1, 2006

It’s human nature to want what we don’t have. The results of not getting what we want from our hair may result in a blow to our self-esteem.

It certainly doesn’t help that most celebrities seem to always look like they’re having a great hair day. Never mind that they probably just spent hours being brushed, combed, sprayed, twisted and fussed over by an army of colorists, stylists and other beauty minions.

If you ever wondered how to escape the agonies of bad hair days followed by endless self-flogging over unmanageable locks you are in luck. Adopt the following simple strategies and you will find instant relief for your hair woes.

Accentuate The Positive
Start your new hair love program by first taking a good look at yourself in the mirror. Come on. There are lots of things about your hair that you like. Concentrate on the hair parts that you enjoy: great color that brings out your eyes and skin, and f…