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Cutting my Sisterlocks

Yep... it's true! I'm going to cut my Sisterlocks. I have already tracked down my hairstylist from back in the late 90s using the Internet no doubt. I called the old salon and found that he didn't work there anymore. Further, no one there had kept up with him. Thankfully, somebody knew who I was talking about when I described him as I remembered him from back in the day. Luck for me, he had the distinct characteristic of traditional locs. I referred to him by his first name. (Can you believe I never even really knew his LAST NAME? Then again, maybe I did but had forgotten it.) All I KNEW FOR SURE WAS that I LOVED how he used to style-cut my relaxed hair.

So, naturally since I've been thinking about cutting my Sisterlocks-- not all OFF, but in long layers-- he was my FIRST choice for the job.

It was also lucky finding a working number for him online. Praise the Lord! When I contacted him by phone, guess what?!(I disrupted lunch with his sister, but...)He remembered me!…

It's a process...Unlock to lock: Poem

It's a process...Unlock to lock

From societal norms that bind
My thoughts, my actions, my mind
From expectations of whom I should be
Unofficial authors of my reality

From false images projections beauty
Apart from me
That stifles and chains my innate creativity
From rules that say my hair must be straight
Or in a mainstream's line I will wait

To seek truth and my life's meaning
Paying homage to REAL SELF and TRUE BEING
Finding connectedness to the mother
Gifts assigned to me as to no other

To take control of my life and my hair
And play rules my spirit calls fair
To let go days of perms, curls and press
To experience freedom in speech, styles and dress

By Cynthia Raiford

Happy Nappy New Year 2010

My dear bruthas and sistas let's enter into this new decade with renewed vigor and life DESPITE the circumstances! We shall continue to OVERCOME... let us endure like GOOD SOLDIERS until the end.