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Sister-likes Knotty Boy: Sisterlocks

Justin Bieber, Drake and others aren't the only HOT things straight outta Canada... 

This year I finally tried Knotty Boy products. I'm lovin' the Dread Shampoo Bar (with 3 Sisterlock'd heads in the house I chop it into thirds and we all shampoo awhile.) It lathers and rinses well and I love the tea tree scent! Then there is the Dreadlock Conditioning Spray... again, I love the Green Tea scent (my kids don't care for it--but WHAEVAH!!) I specifically wanted to try the Knotty Boy Natural MISTic Lock Deodorizer and Fragrance Spray for my dear daughters who have less than fresh heads @ times. I bought the Waterfall scent for them. After it arrived and we tried it, they felt that I should have gone with the Satsuma Spritz scent. They liked the idea of smelling like a "plump juicy orange!" Overall, the Knotty Boy products performed as promised.  My SLs are noticeably softer to the touch with a spray of the conditioning product without ANY greasiness. 

However, I…