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Sister-likes Knotty Boy: Sisterlocks
Justin Bieber, Drake and others aren't the only HOT things straight outta Canada... 

This year I finally tried Knotty Boy products. I'm lovin' the Dread Shampoo Bar (with 3 Sisterlock'd heads in the house I chop it into thirds and we all shampoo awhile.) It lathers and rinses well and I love the tea tree scent! Then there is the Dreadlock Conditioning Spray... again, I love the Green Tea scent (my kids don't care for it--but WHAEVAH!!) I specifically wanted to try the Knotty Boy Natural MISTic Lock Deodorizer and Fragrance Spray for my dear daughters who have less than fresh heads @ times. I bought the Waterfall scent for them. After it arrived and we tried it, they felt that I should have gone with the Satsuma Spritz scent. They liked the idea of smelling like a "plump juicy orange!" Overall, the Knotty Boy products performed as promised.  My SLs are noticeably softer to the touch with a spray of the conditioning product without ANY greasiness. 

However, I must say that I don't like putting too much product on my hair as I am having a series of microdermabrasion treatments done on my face. My hair is long enough these days to get in my face thus having the potential of transferring that which is in my hair to my face and neck. Of course, the ingredients of KnottyBoy products are for the most part natural with Hempseed Oil reigning supreme. I also seems that with regular use Knotty Boy keep my Sisterlocks tight with minimal fuzziness after washing.  I have become increasingly concerned that my oldest hair on the ends be conditioned as such I do still melt a dollop of Nutiva's raw, extra-virgin Organic Coconut Oil and pour a dime size drop of cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil in my hands then run my hands thru my SLs for extra moisture. Coconut and olive oils are proven to penetrate the hair, thickening the hair shaft and reducing breakage and split ends. These LONG COLD WINTERS here in my state are just brutal on hair and skin.  Hmm... just writing about all this makes me want to grab another glass of water and drink up!

Anywhoo... KnottyBoy products ROCK my Sisterlocks! If you know of any other divine products particularly formulated for locs, you betta tell somebody... post your comment here!


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