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Length to Short Bob Sisterlocks Hairstyle

Well, it has been about 2 years since my last post... (seems I'm mostly on my personal Facebook page and Google+ not to mention working towards completing my doctoral degree expected 2015 WhoopWhoop... but, I digress...)

Here's what up... As the title suggests, I have gotten my length of 9 years cut into an Angled Bob. Now, while I had envisioned my Bob having a definite wedge from the side view... I guess my hair is just to fine to REALLY STACK HIGH naturally. That being said I do like my cut, but I was tickled by it because truly 'all things old become new again'. What I mean is that I HAD a permed Bob with a very short cut nape of my neck upon having my Sisterlocks installed back in 2005...and looking at my hair in 2014 it seems that I have started where I had come back then! (See the pic)
Of course, THIS TIME the hair on the top of my head is chemical-free!! 

This is ME with all my daughters...we all rock natural hair. My two SL'd daughters-- 2girlsbigsister (in orange) and MsZB (in white) --have beautiful medium length Sisterlocks. They kinda hated that I cut mine.

I KNOW that my hair WILL STRIVE after this cut. WHY did I cut my lovely long Sisterlocks, you may ask? Well, honestly I began to have breakage from weak spots in my SLs(?) How does this happen? Sisterlocks Consultants say from over-styling, use of hair-ties and hairclips(?) Again, maybe.. but I don't know. I felt that my SLs maybe needed more moisturizing and deep conditioning... I don't know, but the nape of my neck broke off pretty short in spots-- I think from rubbing clothes (now that make sense to me but...again [?]). Other locs throughout my hair also began breaking in the middles from weak spots(?) WHAT DO YOU UNDERSTAND about how weak spots occur? Do tell!! I'd like to really understand how I might avoid this in the future.

I am not particularly heartbroken about losing my length (this surprised even me). maybe because I really had resigned to cutting my hair. I just made the decision and went forth with it. (It's kinda how I do for most things, I guess...) My length will definitely be back. I have no doubt about that, and I'll likely get it cut in another style.  I had thought that I wanted to join the "Hair Down to There" Club (butt-length), but I'm good. Mine had gotten mid-back...that was good enough particularly SINCE my hair DID START to give me problems. Of course, my desire to have butt-length hair was just something I wanted to have experienced in my lifetime. My plan thereafter was to then CUT IT into a hairstyle of my choice. Since, I imagined that I could have any style I might have ever wanted. Truth is, I had great trim cut in 2010 by Tony and from that point I had been cutting and trimming my own hair at will every since (giving myself a layered top while retaining the back length mostly). Like my girl, step is COLOR! I have an appointment with Kandi at Locs of Excellence to have my hair professionally colored: highlights! Kandi cut my hair this time. Again, what a full circle experience as Locs of Excellence is Robin Simpson's salon...I hadn't seen Robin since our Locks4Life salon days nor had she seen my daughters since back when they were featured as little ones in new Sisterlocks at the Locks4Life website. Awwww, my babies!!

I'll report out on my coloring experience NEXT! Until then RIP long ponytail... and farewell FOR NOW big messy bun style...


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