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Sisterlocks Meet Bookr

Oh, the things you can create on the Web... I LOVE IT!! I learned about BOOKr today. It is a site that allows you to upload pictures and add text. The pages turn like a real book. I WILL BE USING this for many other applications beyond this blog. It is such a very cool, EZ to use and fun site!!
<<<<<<< Click CORNERS of a page to turn the book's pages >>>>>>>

Alright, my Natural Journeys readers... I'm putting out a challenge. I wanna see YOU published online! Above is my "book". Recycle it by adding your own pics or create you own. Either way, send me the link to your Bookr creation. Tell your hair story!! I'll be your first reader.

To add to my book, click the banner below the book. Once there, click RECYCLE. You'll have the opportunity to add to my book there.

To create new one, click CREATE NEW here