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The Science of Microfiber Technology

As you know, I have recently fallen in love with microfiber cloths. The following information is a little about the science behind microfiber technology.

Microfiber consists of very fine threads of polyester and polyamide (nylon) that combine to form a single thread. One Microfiber is 100 times thinner than a single strand of human hair. When they are woven together, the Microfibers create a surface area 40 times greater than that of a regular fiber. Due to this expanded surface area, and to the capillary action of the fine threads, Microfiber Cloth has dramatically enhanced absorbing power. Microfiber is traditionally defined as a fiber with a denier of less than one. Denier is a measure of the thinness of a fiber and is the weight in grams of a continuous fiber of 9,000 meters.

Due to its incredibly thin structure, Microfiber is able to penetrate the finest microscopic particles of dirt and grease on any surface. Split Microfiber, as it is more specifically described, possesses nume…

What’s the big deal about a wash cloth?

Microfiber technology is the BIG DEAL in wash cloths.

Now, I was already familiar with the effectiveness of microfiber cloths for household and automobile cleaning...but I had no idea how well microfiber on the skin worked.

I must caution only use microfiber cloths for the face and body that are deemed dermal grade, hygiene grade, or microdermabrasion complexion cloths.

Well... what does this cloth do that is soooo special? With every swipe the microfibers smooth and softens skin with daily use. DO NOT SCRUB YOUR SKIN WITH THESE CLOTHS!! If you do, the result will be liken to a carpet burn on your skin. Truly, these microfiber gently removes dead skin cells and dry skin thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and sun damage over time. Thousands of tiny fibers deep clean pores to remove makeup, dirt, oils, and more. After using a dermal grade microfiber cloth, moisturizers and creams penetrate more deeply and makeup is applied more evenly.

I love visiti…

Keep 'Makin' It Do What It Do, Baby!'

All respect and honor to my female entrepreneurs of rich God-given creativity and ingenuity. Continue to use your gifts to bless others with honesty, integrity, love and effective quality and indeed you WILL reap a harvest of blessing in THIS LIFE leaving a strong legacy behind for your children.

Paulette Brown-Owner, Locks4Life

Sonya "Sistah Nandi" Gilkey

Sistah Nandi is my newest associate in whom I am well pleased --creator of the Wrap-A-Loc dual styling tool.

I use it...I love it! Honestly, I wish I had thought of it! Truly, I'm sure SOMEBODY had THOUGHT about it too!! But, it was my girl, Sistah Nandi who WALKED HER THOUGHT OUT unto manifestation...and that's what I'm takin' about right here... DOING THE 'blessed thang'..."makin' it do what it do."

Kudos Paulette and Sonya!! Keep delighting your clients with products and services of exceptional quality and effectiveness... in addition to doin' us female entrepreneurs PROUD!