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What’s the big deal about a wash cloth?

Microfiber technology is the BIG DEAL in wash cloths.

Now, I was already familiar with the effectiveness of microfiber cloths for household and automobile cleaning...but I had no idea how well microfiber on the skin worked.

I must caution only use microfiber cloths for the face and body that are deemed dermal grade, hygiene grade, or microdermabrasion complexion cloths.

Well... what does this cloth do that is soooo special? With every swipe the microfibers smooth and softens skin with daily use. DO NOT SCRUB YOUR SKIN WITH THESE CLOTHS!! If you do, the result will be liken to a carpet burn on your skin. Truly, these microfiber gently removes dead skin cells and dry skin thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and sun damage over time. Thousands of tiny fibers deep clean pores to remove makeup, dirt, oils, and more. After using a dermal grade microfiber cloth, moisturizers and creams penetrate more deeply and makeup is applied more evenly.

I love visiting the $pa when I'm able...but as a mother of 3 young daughters, those opportunities are few and far between. With this little wonder, my skin is luxurious with a safe, easy spa-like dermabrasion treatment at home.

Today marks my first day using my personal dermal grade microfiber cloth and I can tell you I am seeing some of the claims associated with its use:

• Exfoliates the skin like nothing you’ve ever seen
• Stops ACNE, blemishes, blackheads
• Diminishes scars, acne scars, dry skin, freckles
• Minimizes fine age lines and wrinkles
• Reduces age spots and pigmentation imbalances
• Reduces stretch marks
• Removes all makeup including waterproof mascara
• Removes dirt, grime, oil that clog pores and cause acne
• Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria without chemicals
• Renews fresh tone and rejuvenates skin
• Beats rosacea, keratosis and ingrown hairs
• Treats sun-damaged skin
• Reduces Sagging by Stimulating collagen and elastin
• Cleans without stripping and dehydrating
• Incredibly Durable cloth
• Especially good for exfoliating the legs before shaving

Paired with the African Black Soap and unrefined Shea Butter that I use and sell at my website, this dermal grade microfiber cloth ROCKS with exceptional effectiveness!! I'm sold! Do your own research and GET ONE!


Anonymous said…
Where did you get your cloth? I am using the beauty cloth from exfolia. Today was my first day of use. I tried to be really gentle because I didn't now want to over exfoliate.
Anonymous said…
What a Helpful Addition!
Back Brush

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