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See What New at My Namesake URL-

Restructuring my business efforts will return KJW Enterprises LLC & Exceptional Skin and Body LLC to profitability. My business efforts will continue to promote exceptional products and services that: save time or money and/or earn money; save the earth & its inhabitants; can be individually personalized; and are educational. In a nutshell, I will promote health and well-being-- Spirit, soul and body.

Changes into the new year 2007 include: using VoIP services but not selling them as an independent representative; buying and selling real estate, but only doing solid deals with family and friends not the public at large (my license is active with Keller Williams' holding company); I no longer endorse PAS (Prosperity Automated System) due to the recent PAS SEC Investigation out of my need for integrity in business.

All else is a go! Black Soap, Unrefined Shea Butter and Living Fuel RX; Ethos Fuel Reformulator; Miessense Certified Organic products; the Diva Cup; and my affliat…