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Curlformers: The AFTER Follow-up... 3girlsmomma likes

I was VERY pleased with the results I got with Curlformers on my daughters' hair. These pictures are from the morning after at 6AM. My girls went to bed with the Curlformers on their hair. (I have 3 daughters but one of my twins declined to be, you'll have to take my word for how really well her curls came out!)
What REALLY amazed me was how well my girls' curls held after a full day of school. I picked them up from school and was shocked that their curls were not standing up on their heads like Chinese fans. (Come on, parents... you KNOW the look I'm talkin' about.) My kids' caucasian caregiver even had to agree that the girls' curls held very nicely. She too had expected the cute look to have vanished by 3:15PM. Of course, I trust the "hold" had everything to do with the aloe vera gel and hair oil I used to set the hair prior to installing the Curlformers. I use aloe vera/water spritz daily on their hair when styling.
Here are my…

I'm Thankful For YOU-- my readers!!

To all my Natural Journeys followers thanks for your contributions daily! Keep bloggin' with me... the best is yet to come!

Happy Thanksgiving to ya'!

My girls are makin' the greens for ya'...ENJOY!

Heard of Curlformers?

I learned about these curlers from LADYKPNYC on YouTubeCAUTION: Some Profane Language

I was fascinated with these Curlformers!I wondered if they would work on Sisterlocks, but I'm actually very happy with the method I use to presently spiral curl my loc'd hair --pipe cleaners. My next thought was my own offspring. Thinking 'how cool not to have to use heat'... Of course, I certainly curl their hair with everything I USE already. TRUTH IS... I just REALLY wanted to try these Curlformers. I purchased the hook--$3.99 and a single package of rollers --$11.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply. I only got 8 rollers in a pack. So, as you see I used just a few Curlformers on each of my girls. I chose NOT to just to try these Curlformers on the hair of a single willing daughter -- just in case it really worked. 3girlsmomma wasn't 'bout to hear all the whinin' about how they wanted curls like their sister.

Well, I'll get back to you on the AFTER...
My girls …

Adorn Your Sisterlocks With Re-Purposed Jewelry

Check out how a simple long strand of beads I have had for years has become my new Sisterlocks Bun hair accessory. NICE... wouldn't you say?!?
3girlsmomma likes..

I've been rockin' this loc bun thing, y'all...
I'm lovin' it!! The loc bun is so easy...

BTW... isn't this picture collage thing COOL!?!!Download Picasa3-- IT ROCKS as well!!...and it's FREE... gotta luv dat.

Annie Lee + Obama Family = Priceless

Regardless of how I may have voted... I fully recognize the historic nature of America's 2008 Presidental Election.

Now, one of my favorite artists Annie Lee has just released another limited edition commemorative design for the historic 2008 Presidential Election. I'm certain The Annie Lee "Obama Family" - Limited Edition T-Shirt is gonna be HUGE...

Here are a few bad pics of the print from an Annie Lee showing some friends of mine attended this summer. This print depicts our new First Family. My friend and blogger Dr. Bailey [aka The Bear] is an avid Annie Lee collector.

Here's the link to the t-shirts:
All purchases directly support the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in my hometown- Detroit.

Check me out at MAAH... click PLAY arrow below

Garrett E. Morgan and "Chemical Crack"

I read a post by Maryee regarding a little known fact about black inventor Garrett Morgan. Inventor of what? Pop- quiz people... Of course, the traffic light and gas mask. I was drawn to Maryee post because as an elementary student I had done a Black History report on Garrett Morgan. I still remember the pride I had at knowing that a black man had created a traffic light way back in the day that has since been redesigned but is still in use today. Now, at this new found info about Morgan I can't hate the inventiveness but I have come to now reject the product Morgan stumbled upon and went on to market...

Read the full story at

Honestly, THIS is yet another a piece of our history I didn't know... how 'bout YOU?!

Loc Bun Crimps and Curls

1. With a few simple tools... create your loc bun.
2. Spritz your hair with a little water and/or diluted setting lotion.
3. Gather your hair in a pony tail using one elastic.
4. Find it's center of your ponytail and place one elastic over the ends of your hair to reveal the "donut" center.
5. Add another elastic and start tucking your loc ends under the elastic. Add more elastics if necessary.
6. Use the black or pink head band elastic to just cover the elastics and catch-up any other stray ends.

If you do a neat loc bun job and USE elastics that blend with your hair color, wear the bun! Then enjoy the loc bun crimped ponytail another day.

If you are just doin' your loc bun for these crimps, it doesn't matter how it looks. This is my purpose here. Just go to bed and get up... take all of the elastics off.

Then, Good morning, loc crimped pony tail look. FABULOUS... from every angle!!

It's a small world after all...

The greatest act of patriotism is prayer.--Lloyd Ogilvie
Congratulations PRESIDENT-Elect Barack Hussein Obama...
I AM SO proud on so many levels to have you as our President --my President of the United States. Given all my fundamental concerns with your stated policies I feel you DO have a heart for the people ALL PEOPLE and my prayers to go out to you and our beautiful African-American first-family.

Avoid Fat Sisterlocks Ends

"I want Sisterlocks like yours... I hate my fat Sisterlock ends!"

This typically happens to Sisterlock'd ends of hair with a thick soft wavy texture. After it occurs, the only remedy I have learned of to date is to CUT OFF THE OFFENDING ENDS.

To avoid or control the normal swelling expected on your journey to loc maturity-- particularly, of the thick soft wavy hair type, follow the next set of rules:

1. BAND YOUR ENDS EVERY TIME YOU WASH YOUR HAIR. You may need to do so longer than the regularly prescribed time period until YOUR particular hair type locks.
2. DON'T wet, spritz or spray your ends with anything (Sisterlocks Moisture Treatment product included) unless they are banded.
3. When you shower, at the very least-- WEAR your shower caps my loc'd thick soft and wavy sistahs!

Natural Journeys family, please share your fat loc'd hair end avoidance tips!

Sisterlock Tool Confiscated at the Airport?

A discussion came up at the salon during my retightening sesson about confiscated items at airports. Every SL Consultant (or any hairstylist/hairdresser for that matter) knows that her tools are her moneymaker when put to use.

Here's the question: has anyone ever had to deal with having his/her Sisterlock tool confiscated? Or, had any conflict at the airport over the SL tool?

Before we travel, let's learn what to do about our Sisterlock tool...