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Happy Holidays ya'll

I'm so very thankful for my little family--Ken, Kendal, Kennedy & McKenzie! God has been so very faithful...all thanks and praise to Him!

My twins are potty training these days. Today, marks 48 hours of dryness. Uh oh...was that one of twins in the bathroom just now peeing her panties. Oh well, we are on our way to total dryness. Say it with me now, "no more Pull-ups, no more Pull-ups!" And not a moment too soon...with gas prices as high as they are these days!! With the savings from not having to buy training pants, I might be able to squeeze another gallon of gas into my tank, buy a latte from time to time, a pair of earrings, a magazine subscription (no time to read it though), or stash it away for their college fund.