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My Sisterlocks Haircut

Ooooo... I'm very pleased with my haircut. After taking Tony thru a montage of my web-based Sisterlocks photo albums and videos, he began to conceptualize my needs/desires.
Tony took care of my hair like I knew he would. It was so great seeing and talking with him again face-to-face. I haven't been in his chair for over eight years at least. I secretly had envied his well-kept traditional locs of back in the day. I knew locking was something I wanted to do, but I was hardly ready then-- on a number of levels.

Knowing what I know NOW about the Sisterlocks technique in terms of their care and distinction over other locking techniques, I HAVE TODAY what I envied in Tony's traditional locs. With Tony having been a former loc-wearer (two sets), I confidently placed my Sisterlocks in his care.I am thrilled to have tracked Tony Manson down to become a client of his again. I'm not the only one! I learned from Tony that many of his former clients keep his skills sharp. We …

Ms.ZB Has Sisterlocks

Introducing Ms.ZB! My second daughter with Sisterlocks. I'm so excited for her and SHE is lovin' her new look!

Ms.ZB's Sisterlocks Go Into Overtime

God bless Paulette, Ashlee and Atoya-- Certified Sisterlocks Consultants of Locks4Life!! It seemed to be Kids Day at the salon. There were two 6-year-olds in the shop during the beginning of Ms.ZB's Sisterlocks installing session. Well, after 9 hours and multiple breaks-- Paulette and Ashlee had become worn out over my baby's head with all of her moving, slouching, and sleeping curled into a ball in the salon chair. Plus, Ms.ZB is TENDER-HEADED!!

Then, Paulette made the dreaded announcement: "We are going to have to finish this another day."

Knowing how booked the Certified Consultants of Locks4Life are I wasn't sure when Day 2 would be... Turned out that it would be 3 days later. I KNEW Paulette and Ashley HAD TO HAVE BEEN WORN-OUT because they admitted to only having 3 move hours of work to go! I am very compliant with my SL Consultant Paulette so DID NOT press the issue...

So, Natural Journeys readers... check back for Ms.ZB's ultimate Sisterlocks reveal. Fo…

Introducing Ms.ZB -Sisterlocks Cometh!


3girlsmomma couldn't be any prouder right now...
Introducing my 6 year-old daughter - Ms.ZB! She has started her Sisterlocks journey. Her tests locks were installed today at Locks4Life by Master Sistapreneurer and Certified Sisterlocks Consultant, Paulette Brown.

Ms. ZB is most excited about me never raking a comb through her thick beautiful hair AGAIN!