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Valana Minerals in Whole Foods Store

Facebook | Valana Minerals: "Valana Minerals I'm so excited to announce this news! Valana Minerals will be carried in Whole Foods Market. The first store to pick up our entire line is the Sugar Land, Texas store. This is a big step in the evolution of the company. Thanks to all of our fabulous customers and everyone else who made this possible."
When Valerie posted this status report on Facebook, I was soooooooooo thrilled for her and her business. Readers, I have got to tell you... if you are brown like me and have EVER wasted money on foundation, blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow because it just DID NOT WORK against your skintone... YOU MUST DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and check out Valana Minerals. I wear Valana Minerals DAILY now because it works for ME! It's just an amazing JOY for me to "beauty-up" behind makeup that not only MATCHES and COMPLEMENTS MY SKINTONES but is 100% vegan and natural. I'm telling you I'm like a preteen who is JUST now being allow…

My SpringLocks Results

You've seen her YouTube videos all over the web... no doubt, you've seen the results of her beautiful SpringLocks techique on her client Antoinette's Sisterlocks. I recently placed an order for her most recent instructional video. Now... you, my Natural Journeys readers, already know that pipecleaners are my curling tool of choice among hair spools, SoftSpikes, the Wrap-A-Loc tool, and bantu knots. Truly, it's all in the technique because the tools are simple. Those who are "in the know" you must compensate... and I ain't mad at 'em! Go forth my dear sistahprenuers!

I'm very pleased with my results!! Thanks Phyllis-the Videotician for sharing. I love the Web for learning ANYTHING about which I'm ignorant. My photos posted here show my good and BAD technique and my really nice results-- for the FIRST TIME. I've been rockin' my long lasting set for a week now. LOVE IT!

Lacefront Wig+Infant Child = FOOLISHNESS

Isn't she just a human baby doll... precious in all her ways?!?!
Can you believe that the mom who did this to her child is quoted as saying, “It’s never too early for my baby to start looking glamorous like Beyonce!”

I pray this was just a joke... poor lil baby.

I read about this story here

It just ain't right!!

My Sisterlocks Hot Oil Experiment


It has been a long time now since I have applied any type of oil directly to my hair. So this hot oil treatment was an adventure for me. It was truly WEIRD having my hair actually quite GREASY even after washing out the oil treatment.

It was so worth doing, however. I had noticed my hair becoming brittle in spots and even experiencing breakage in a few locs. So I began changing my washing regime to include more moisturizing shampoo and conditioning. I went back to my old Sisterlocks Moisture Treatment and distilled water spritz bottle for daily use as well as making a conscious effort to DRINK MORE WATER.

In Rememberance of Grand: Sand and Sable by Coty

I cannot express how beside myself with joy I was to find one of my old favorite colognes from "back in the day" at Walmart of all places-- Sand and Sable by Coty. Granted, this fragrance was never outrageously expensive to begin with, but it was hard to come by.

Funny thing, I had just recently surfed the Web weeks back to discover who sold it. Who knew that my local Walmart had it all the time. My now deceased grandmother --Pauline Daniels-- turned me on the this fragrance back in the late 1980s and I have never forgotten about it. At this very moment, after giving my Sisterlocks a needed hot oil treatment, taking a hot shower, and applying my Sand and Sable after over 20 years since the last time, my thoughts turn to my "Grand"... may she RIP.