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Pray for the Jackson Family & Fans

RIP Michael Jackson - King of Pop
He has left us a treasure trove of great songs that will live forever.
Each of us has our favorite Michael Jackson songs and/or videos.

Natural Journeys family, what are your Michael Jackson favorites?

Remember the Time
Man in the Mirror (great message in the lyrics)
Heartbreak Hotel (This Place Hotel)

There really are so many others... it's difficult to really choose, I know...
I love how you can customize so many things online...
This is one of my latest creations.


Happy Father's Day

ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio - thousands of FREE original animated GIFs... check it out!

Young Sisterloc'd Confidence

I allowed my 7 yr. old daughter to get a second ear piercing

and as you know, she's been Sisterloc'd for 1 month. This morning she came to me saying, " Momma, I feel AWESOME!" Clearly, she was feelin' herself. She loves her hair and now with her second ear piercing she is just feeling tooooo cute.

I love the genuine confidence I'm seeing in my baby.

It's a beautiful thing!

Nappy Anniversary to Me!

The Daddy's Girl Movie

I know my late seeing this movie... but I AM 3girlsmomma... I don't have at-the-ready babysitters for 3 kids so I see many movies after they have left the theaters. I usually catch 'em on DVD or on-demand cable TV.

Well... have you seen TAKEN starring Liam Neeson as a big bad papa bear on the rampaging hunt for his "baby girl", a virginal seventeen year old?

Watching Neeson play "daddy" in this movie just made me love MY DADDY EVEN MORE... 'cause I KNOW MY DADDY, minister that he is, would have KICK SOME BUTT--in Jesus' name-- just like Neeson in the movie if my dad was the same character.

If you haven't seen the movie and you have daughters, when you do you will experience a range of emotions from fear and pure love to respect for righteous indignation.

Loved the movie, Taken! Have you seen it! Daddy's girls hug your dad today if he is still with you.

Sisterlocks Hair Growth...lest we forget!