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Happy 5th Year Sisterlock'd!

Five years ago I made the decision to get Sisterlocks... and WOW, I'm lovin' my life from head to toe. FREEDOM come sunshine (sweat) or rain... I LOVE IT!

What I Hate About My Sisterlocks Haircut

Notice how perfectly blunt my freshly cut ends appear this first photo.

Now, examine how frayed my ends appear in the second film strip framed pic (albeit, cutely camouflaged with a curled set).

Take a closer look...below in this pic with my hair free-styled...
I KNOW what is it... failing to band with consistency when washing.  It is also the result of rubbing my hair against unfriendly materials on bedsheets, sofacovers, etc. I mention the sofa because I used to sleep on my sofa WITHOUT the cover and my hair looked AWESOME. I think because of the sofa's woolen upholstery. Note to self: QUICK FIX= remove the present sofacover AND sleep on the sofa regularly. (It is so good to blog and think with y'all readers...)

At times when I wear my Sisterlocks free-styled, I totally have an afro-like cloud around the top of my head as it was just the top layer of my hair that was cut back in February of this year. It's the funniest thing... Know what I do, though?  I pat my 'fro and…