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Kids Chemical Treatment... I shouldn't have!

Last year, I tried to avoid the pain and suffering my daughters endured when I combed their hair by giving them all a texturizer treatment. As we ALL know, sure it solved the combing thru "problem" but what's followed to date is hair breakage.

Chemical crack... I should know better! What I had to learn since is how to soften each of my daughters hair WITHOUT harsh chemicals. They each have very different hair textures. With me having Sisterlocks I have gotten away from all the oils and conditioners that actually benefit my girls. So I'm back to extra virgin coconut & olive oils, glycerin & distilled water, emu oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, honey, ACV rinses, wide-tooth combs, and kinky extension hair for braiding and twists.

Natural Hair Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl XLIII has been dubbed the hairiest championship game on record. Larry Fitzgerald's locs and Troy Polamalu's voluminous hair is just BEAUTIFUL... wow! Prior to being loc'd myself, I would have been sooooooooo envious of these bruthas with all their beautiful hair.

Now, I KNOW that I HAVE THAT HAIR!! I don't have to hate... just appreciate...

Source: - Jim McIsaac / Getty Images and Ross D. Franklin / Associated Press

I do wonder about how safe these guys are out on the field given the nature of the game. Clearly, they are taking their chances. **GO STEELERS!!***

2009 Year of the Black Man...
CONGRATS Coach Mike Tomlin and the Pittsburgh Steelers
Super Bowl XLIII Champions!!!

Why You Nappy...Girl??

As I often say... God is too wise to be mistaken...

I became tired of being tired of losing the hair fight against NATURE. "Winning" the hair fight only resulted in temporary straightness unto an inevitable cycle of hair breakage, skin and scalp irritation.

Having now attained a level of natural hair enlightenment-- approaching 4 years being Sisterlock'd, I realize I had some self-hate goin' on.

It's NOT just hair... in the same way that BEAUTY IS NOT JUST SKIN DEEP.

Hair issues of nappy-headed folk are so much more about institutionalized self-hate indoctrination passed on now generation after generation.

GO NATURAL... break the curse of systemic psychological manipulation and social engineering of African Americans and other nappy-headed people of color. Be FREE and free indeed-- mind, body and spirit!

I'm encouraged... we ARE getting better. (I declare it-- naw walk it out, y'all...)

Black History 365...