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John H. Brooks and daughter Kecia

I am soooooo the daddy's girl! This is our picture as it appears in Ed Gordon's Daddy's Promise National Photo Album on Flickr.

John H. Brooks and daughter Kecia, originally uploaded by eg.daddyspromise.

This is the photo I originally submitted to them.

I guess I got a little carried away with my creativity... and they weren't havin' it!

It's all good though...

Ladies, if you haven't submitted your pics-- do so! Images of loving daddy/daughter relationships must be shared with the world... particularly, of our black men.

Did you know that mineral makeup cannot technically be considered organic?

Inorganic is a more precise description.

The "organic" is a historical name, dating back to 19th century, when it was believed that organic compounds could only be synthesized in living organisms through vis vitalis - the "life-force". The theory that organic compounds were fundamentally different from those that were "inorganic", that is, not synthesized through a life-force, was disproved with the synthesis of urea, an "organic" compound by definition of its known occurrence only in the urine of living organisms, from potassium cyanate and ammonium sulfate by Friedrich Wöhler in the Wöhler synthesis. The kinds of carbon compounds that are still traditionally considered inorganic are those that were considered inorganic before Wöhler's time; that is, those which came from "inorganic" (i.e., lifeless) sources such as minerals.
Saaaaaayyyy whaaaat?! LOL

All it is really saying is that the strict definition of mineral says that it's…

What’s Are Your Locked Ends Like?

Loc envy… we all have it from time to time. It is human nature.
Those interested in getting locs-- Sisterlocks not withstanding-- and even we who already have locs / Sisterlocks love to see photo galleries of loc’d sistahs (and bruthas). We look to pick up a new “do” or peer into the virtual crystal ball to try to imagine how our locs / Sisterlocks will look at some later stage and future state on our personal locking / Sisterlocks journey.

Let me underscore this again… we each are on a personal locking/ Sisterlocks journey. Deciding to loc your hair is a journey of patience to be sure as well as growth. I’m not talkin’ just length of hair growth, but spiritual, mental, social as well as the physical hair growth. The greatest of these being spiritual growth (can I get deep here…) because patience is a spiritual force that is activated when our faith in something comes under attack or under pressure.

I have come to learn that patience is a by-product of unpredictable changes. Patience i…

My 3rd Year Sisterlocks Anniversary

'You've come a long way baby...' (RIGHT PHOTO: Sisterlocks Install JULY 2005)

Doing a little cleaning up around my house this summer, I happen to find these photos...and then I realized that I am officially within my 3rd year of being Sisterlock'd!

JULY 2008 Looking at my hair today I then I thought to myself, "whoa... my hair is happy being natural in these Sisterlocks! Good choice, Kecia. Good choice indeed!"

To all of you out there considering Sisterlocks I say, "Do your research about Sisterlocks and... JUST GET IT DONE!"

A Startling Fact About How To Achieve All Benefits Of Mineral Makeup as a Woman of Color

Leave Bismuth compounds alone…
You are probably like—“Bismuth, WHO?” “WHAT?!”

Allow me to explain….

While Bismuth does occur free in nature, compounds like Bismuth Oxychloride is known to cause itching, severe redness, pustules, and cystic acne.

If that is not enough, you need to know that bismuth is the mineral component that brings the ashen appearance often seen on the woman of color after the application of certain cosmetics. Bismuth oxychloride serves no useful purpose, other than its' use as a whitener, smoother and filler.

Is it in YOUR favorite foundation? You might wish to visit Skin Deep – a great place to uncover the “usual suspects” in our health and beauty aids.
In other cases, all you’ll probably have to do is look in the mirror after applying your makeup or take a look at yourself in natural sunlight to what “face” you are presenting the world at large.

I won’t leave you without a solution, however. (Don’t you just HATE when people can delineate all the problems yet off…


3girlsmomma is soooo a "daddy's girl" ... I LOVE THIS MISSION! Take heed to the following message:

Award-winning broadcast journalist, Ed Gordon created Daddy’s Promise, an initiative designed to focus the attention of the African-American community on the positive relationship that can and should exist between fathers and daughters.

The Father/Daughter relationship has a significant impact on the many ways social and familial bonds are formed and the way girls grow up to be strong, confident women.

To that end, Daddy’s Promise is a sustainable program that:

* Encourages African-American fathers to take greater interest in their daughters’ lives,
* Builds self-esteem in young girls and teaches them to be productive citizens,
* Salutes the importance of the father’s role in the full development in his daughter’s life and the tremendous impact he has in shaping her,
* Creates dialogue among families as a first step in establishing healthy relationships between girls and…

Don’t Get Greenwashed*…

We loc’d sistahs and brotha—of ALL races—having walked the journey of loc maturity often admit to having matured within ourselves on different levels and about various issues. The truth, purity and simplicity seems to come into focus. You know… getting in touch with that which is fundamentally spiritual, universal, and truth about ourselves amidst all the negative messages that come to us about our hair and with all the NOISE of today’s conspicuous consumption.

Anyway… what am I talkin’ about here? Everybody and their momma is coming out with their version of that which is eco-friendly, or is their newest sustainable business practice. Now, while I’m NOT MAD at this, it IS the move we each need to make. I’m just saying buyers yet beware! Smart shoppers abound globally. Let your own scrutiny of green marketing claims be the one essential item you throw into your shopping cart.

I have an interest in all things natural/certified organic/and pure. I can I tell you that it seems all a pers…

Click play, then move the match to light fuse

It's A Shame For People of Color Not To Achieve All The Benefits Of Mineral Makeup -- When Others Do It So Easily

Has anybody else found that they have matured with their locks? You want to eat better, exercise and just generally present a more healthy YOU to the world.

I know for me... truly once my hair drama was over, my skin condition improved. (Frequent washing no doubt helped my skin tremendously. Just as my dermatologist had ordered me to do prior to Sisterlocks but YOU ALREADY KNOW the issues I had with wetting my hair too soon after just getting it "done"...blah, blah, blah... you know the pre-SL bondage we each were a slave unto.)

Well, I had switched to certified organic and/natural skin and body care products but my makeup... well, that remained the same.

Enter the resurgence of the mineral makeup revolution and wanted IN! Watching TV I almost ordered one of those AS SEEN ON TV mineral products but thought I'd better try it first-hand by having a makeup artist hook me up at Sephora before I decide to buy.

Oooo, I'm so glad I made that trip to Sephora because once again …

Undertones – Do You Know Yours?

It is no surprise that women of color have a variety of undertones. That being said do you know yours? My experience with foundations was that it NEVER matched my skintone. As far as I was concerned if it wasn’t brown, dark, or cocoa I was at a lost to really describe my skintone. I sure didn’t understand WHAT undertones were all about. (I often wondered how horrible trying to find makeup had to be for my TRUE “blue-black” sistahs. Then again, I’ve only known one “blue-black” sistah and honestly her skin was clear and beautiful naturally with nothing on it! …but isn’t that the point…WHAT WOULD SHE HAVE PUT ON HER FACE?!)

I found that answering the following questions may help you identify your undertone for better foundation color selection.

Section 1
-Is your skin tan to deep brown with golden, yellow , orange, or olive-green undertones?
-Does exposure to the sun make you look golden brown?
-Are the veins in your wrist mostly olive-green in color?
-Does gold tone jewelry look best on you…