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Don’t Get Greenwashed*…

We loc’d sistahs and brotha—of ALL races—having walked the journey of loc maturity often admit to having matured within ourselves on different levels and about various issues. The truth, purity and simplicity seems to come into focus. You know… getting in touch with that which is fundamentally spiritual, universal, and truth about ourselves amidst all the negative messages that come to us about our hair and with all the NOISE of today’s conspicuous consumption.

Anyway… what am I talkin’ about here? Everybody and their momma is coming out with their version of that which is eco-friendly, or is their newest sustainable business practice. Now, while I’m NOT MAD at this, it IS the move we each need to make. I’m just saying buyers yet beware! Smart shoppers abound globally. Let your own scrutiny of green marketing claims be the one essential item you throw into your shopping cart.

I have an interest in all things natural/certified organic/and pure. I can I tell you that it seems all a person really needs to accomplish a host of skin, hair, body, oral and household tasks are a few simple everyday ingredients. Truthfully, even before I was SL’d a stint of “hard times” was the mother of invention for me in the following revelation. Those simple everyday ingredients are VINEGAR—while & apple cider; SODIUM BICARBONATE (Baking Soda); LEMONS and LIMES; CORNSTARCH, DISTILLED WATER; CASTILLE SOAP; EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL; ESPON SALT; SEA SALT; CREAM OF TARTAR; and ESSENTIAL OILS. Beyond these ingredients, you will require several spray bottles, labels, and (my newest favorite) microfiber cloths.

Did you know that sifting together 2 parts of Cream of Tartar to 1 part baking soda and 1 part cornstarch makes your own baking powder? Now, you are even cookin’ with a few of these simple ingredients… LOL

TALK TO ME: Comment what you do with these items… ‘cause I KNOW you’ve got some excellent recipes that get stuff done on the cheap, on the eco-friendly and in TRUTH! Leave your comment.

* Greenwash = the expression “whitewashing” but within an environmental context. For example, a bank that’s suddenly “green” because you can do your banking online, or a grocery store that’s “green” because they’ll take back your plastic grocery bags, or … got it? You get the picture.


Quietspirit said…
White vinegar is an excellent cleaner. To get clean streak free windows or mirrors put some white vinegar in a spray bottle, gather up some newspaper and get to work. The combination of the vinegar and the newsprint really gets glass surfaces clean. Baking soda is good for cleaning your refrigerator. My mother told me to never was the refrigerator out with soap, just use baking soda in warm water. For tougher spots apply the baking soda directly and wipe with a damp cloth. This works well on coolers too.

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