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I'm Wireless!!

My husband has got me “hooked up” with a new laptop and ALL the necessary peripheries for safety, virus protection, and prolonged use. Now I can be online in more places! Gotta love that!

I have applied for an online Masters program so my online use will probably increase. Between my girls and husband all wanting to use our single desktop computer now we can all rotate a lil’ better with the additional computer. I suppose eventually we’ll really need an at home computer lab! But for now, this works… thanks to my wonderfully supportive husband, Ken!

I'm Twisted in Tomoka's Twists

Check me out sportin' my first Tomoka's Twist purchase-- a set called Wave. (Oooo, I know it's cute, but last time I checked this set was SOLD OUT. Contact Carmen, owner of Tomoka's Twists, maybe she'll design a set just for YOU...)

I'm already lookin' out for my next order called S Luxurious...

As my locs grow down my back, I'll be wearing my Tomoka's Twists for a long time for that spillover updo/high puff.


My Nap-ponytail

I wish I would have had my new Tomika's Twist for this pony back when this was taken over the summer. It was such a beautiful summer day...

I'm TWISTED... A Tomoka's Twist Review

I ordered my Tomoka's Twist set recently and just couldn't wait until I could sport mine selection.

(Pics to follow) Now I'm twisted like so many stylishly loc'd sistas like Goodnaps, Meikmeika, Miss F and a host of others who wouldn't dream of being without them!

Tomoka's Twists REALLY hold in your hair. I thought for sure it would just slip off expecially with a big flip of my head or something... but no, my twist was on securely and quite BEAUTIFULLY as well.

Keep doin' your blessed thang, MiMi!!

Pics from DNC

The collection of photos/cartoons from the blog Daily Kos: State of the Nation were the most stirring I have seen yet from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. (Thx Mom for sending this link via email) I had to blog about it!

The following are just my favorites:

The Hair Above Your Eyes

Do you wax, tweeze,use depilatory cream or laser hair removal techniques to arch your eyebrows and/or remove unwanted hair from other facial areas?

Well, have you ever tried eyebrow threading?

Me and a few fellow SL'd sistahs Dewdrop including my very own SL Consultant Paulette Brown and her daughter Ashley prefer this ancient Indian all natural, safe, simple, fast effective method of facial hair removal. Threading is considered a great option for those with sensitive skin or folks who are on Retina and Accutane.

Threading removes the hair from the roots and doesn't peel the layer of skin. Now, your skin will probably redden but this does not result in any lasting skin irritation or bumps at all. I can't honestly say that it is totally painless. It can be uncomfortable... but it REALLY IS NOT THAT BAD at all. My eyes water everytime (no from crying but more from the activity near my eyes), but WOW the result is amazing. I used to have my brows waxed but this just is so fas…

Labor Day 2008 in Detroit with Obama

I actually got to hear and see Senator Barack Obama in real life at Hart Plaza in Detroit. It was so great being among so many Obama supporters of all races and ages. Labor Day 2008 was very special for me. I stood for 3 hours in a snaking line of humanity thru the streets of downtown Detroit. Each of us gladly stood in the hot sun for the purpose of seeing and hearing Barack Obama. It was a beautiful thing…

I loved people watching. I particularly loved the creative expression of Obama support of a few attendees. The very coolest being a purse carried by Kisha Hill.

She said a friend of hers designed the hand painted wooden purse. It was truly a piece of art… perfect for the purse collector. Thanks for stopping for me, Kisha!

Then, there was this group of ladies who dressed alike in their homemade t-shirts with the likeness of Obama drawn in 3D fabric paint.

Being a secondary teacher, they just struck me as the poster-kids of adolescent peer culture and cliques—but, they were grown wom…