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The Hair Above Your Eyes

Do you wax, tweeze,use depilatory cream or laser hair removal techniques to arch your eyebrows and/or remove unwanted hair from other facial areas?

Well, have you ever tried eyebrow threading?

Me and a few fellow SL'd sistahs Dewdrop including my very own SL Consultant Paulette Brown and her daughter Ashley prefer this ancient Indian all natural, safe, simple, fast effective method of facial hair removal. Threading is considered a great option for those with sensitive skin or folks who are on Retina and Accutane.

Threading removes the hair from the roots and doesn't peel the layer of skin. Now, your skin will probably redden but this does not result in any lasting skin irritation or bumps at all. I can't honestly say that it is totally painless. It can be uncomfortable... but it REALLY IS NOT THAT BAD at all. My eyes water everytime (no from crying but more from the activity near my eyes), but WOW the result is amazing. I used to have my brows waxed but this just is so fast, clean and very precise. Of course, this depends on the skill of the threader. I struggle to pronounce my threaders' names but they ROCK everytime. I have not once been disappointed to date.

Like my Sisterlocks, I love my eyebrows... they have a natural arch and when cleaned up, my eyes just really stand out.

Eyebrow threading is gaining popularity in the US it seems. At least in my area of Metro Detroit there is more than just one location to have one's eyebrows threaded.

Do check out a YouTube video by a young lady from Canada named Thushaa. She shows you how to become a DIY eyebrow threader. It's so easy...but certainly, as with everything PRACTICE MAKES IMPROVEMENT...


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