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July 24, 2014

Just kidding... Lottabody DOES Work on MY Sisterlocks!

Hmmm, well, I guess I figured out my Lottabody to Water ratio... 
I sure needed to because as you can you see, I have a half bottle of the stuff yet to go... and this large bottle WILL LIKELY last me for the next 9 years... lol!

July 22, 2014

Sisterlocks with Copper Highlights

On July 18, 2014...

Kandi Manning was careful not to have my request for Copper highlights result in a color too bright for my skin tone. So my while my highlights are subtle against my naturally dark hair, the copper highlights are yet noticeable throughout my Sisterlocks... and I LOVE IT!!

July 21, 2014

Looser Sisterlocks Curly Fro

This is my version of YouTuber DeidraMM's  Sisterlock Curly Fro... For my version I attempted to somewhat maintain the A-line stacked Bob haircut effect I was going for in having my locks of 9 years cut this way. (My hair still doesn't stack high like I envision it to... got that fine hair...but people say that they can see the wedge-effect, particularly when my head down...)

I used Lottabody setting lotion on my dampen hair, Lock Loops in the top of my head and pipe cleaners in the back.
I resisted finger-combing my hair much by just merely shaking my head to breakup the curls in my hair.

I created this look in the summertime so my curls did fall quickly at the longest part of my head: the top. As such, I did have to revisit the hair rolling process again, but on the second go around, I used only pipe cleaners for the curls that had fallen out due to the humidity. It came out pretty good...but now I'm wondering if my diluted Lottabody solution is too watery... because it seems that my curls still fall with the product in my fine Sisterlock'd hair.


All in all, I will definitely rock the Sisterlocks Curly Fro again... What I've got to do better next time is curl my hair under and NOT back into a flip! It's a force of habit that I'll have to break, I guess.