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NovaSure: Green Diva NO MORE

September 2005, I became a Green-Diva... 

I became a DivaCup user as a more eco-friendly, sanitary, and HEALTHY feminine hygiene solution to tampon and pad use. During my 9 years of DiveCup use, I replaced my DivaCup once after ruining its integrity by improper cleaning. (I scrubbed it creating a tear.)

Today, I lay my DivaCup to rest in pieces...(RIP --see what I did there...heHe) The manufacturer asks that users dispose of their DivaCups by thoroughly washing the cup, cutting it up into smaller pieces, and then disposing it to the trash.

Why? What has changed might ask? CHANGE is a good word... let's go with that. Well, it seems that at 46 years old my body went into a pre-menopausal stage that manifested itself in irregular menstrual cycles. When it did show, if it did at all, it was excessive lasting for months at a time... I found that I NEEDED to wear black pants or skirts just to camouflage any overflow to my clothes. Yeah, it was enough already. I was tired and was BACK to tampons just trying to get some control over absorption. I saw my doctor who sent me to a specialist--
Suzanne Hall, MD, Founder of
Dr. Hall made me aware of the Novasure procedure that essentially would cauterize my uterine lining only, and would not affect my ovarian hormonal cycles. Hysterectomy was NOT an option for me nor did I want to start hormone therapy. It has begin WONDERFUL. It was an outpatient procedure that I experienced with my own mommy. She was my driver after the procedure. I slept when I got home. I was a little crampy after the procedure, but NOT even horrible. I went to work the next day wear WHITE PANTS!! It was wonderful... I felt so fresh and so clean. I had minimal discharge after the procedure for a week. Then a light period my next cycle. Then, NOTHING... no period at all for three months straight!! My menstruation stopped completely.

So... as I have said... RIP DivaCup and my menstrual cycle! 


If you are thinking about an endometrial ablation procedure, do your homework, consider your childbearing plans, and make an informed decision. As for me, my endometrial ablation procedure (Novasure) was sooooooooooo worth doing!!!


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