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The New Me Behind

Maybe I should have reintroduced myself prior to my Sisterlocks Haircut Followup post... since I haven't blogged for over a year at with any regularity. Of course, my time had been directed towards completing my doctoral studies... Now, I have PhinisheD STRONG-- graduated December 2015!

* TECH TIP: Fun app used here are MomentCam and Eboticon... LOVE 'EM!

Dr. 3girlsmomma / NappNine, Ph.D. is in the house!! Instructional Technology is my expertise...
If ever you need personalized support with integrating technology to realize transformative teaching and learning experiences or improved productivity leveraging technology for yourself or others... the Doctor is IN theoretically...

One year AFTER the Sisterlocks Haircut

So, you've seen my video... now, what's holding YOU back about making your personal Sisterlocks decisions?? You might ask, WHAT SISTERLOCKS DECISIONS do I even have? 
Well, are you vacillating over questions with regard to your natural hair in general? to the present condition of your Sisterlocks today? or, to scheduling a Sisterlocks install appointment? How about the following questions: Can I afford Sisterlocks upkeep? (Good question... if you are NOT a DIYer)How much do I care about what other people think about me?Are you ready to BE-U-TIFUL*, shameless and fearless? (DAILY BAEZ's word...I like it!)Should I take the plunge into Sisterlocks in stages? No BIG CHOP just yet...just loc the new growth? Are am damaging my Sisterlocks by NOT cutting them?Can I resist loc envy and stay the course whatever my stage in the process? You'll note that the motivating crux of all these questions is your MINDSET. Your mindset mediated by your own sense of identity, worth, and abi…