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Nice Hair & Frowning Face

Chinese and African American... A BEAUTIFUL Mix

A Facebook friend posted a CNN video about China's racial issues around Lou Jing born 20 years ago in Shanghai to a Chinese mother and an African-American father. Having visited China in 2001 myself pre-Sisterlocks back when my hair was braided, I was constantly gaucked at on the streets, photographed from a far and was asked to pose with natives while I was in China... and my dear Chinese brothers and sister KNEW I was a tourist! (See the photo with me another white guy with braids who befriended over the attention we recieved our braided hair. I had to take a pic of HIM. I joked with him that I had to come all the way to China to see the white guy all braided up...) I can only image how Lou Jing was viewed as clearly the "black pearl" she is.

Further, I couldn't help but think of the HAIR issues Lou Jing and her mom MUST have had-- and HAVE. Can you imagine?? See the video link below and take note of the wigs, hats and obvious attempts at chemical treatments to st…

Hair Wars: Good Hair vs My Nappy Roots Movies

Between waiting on a group of my girlfriends and tryin' to arrange childcare for us to see Chris Rock's GOOD HAIR movie, can you believe I STILL have NOT SEEN it yet?? Now, I've learned that My Nappy ROOTS: A Journey through Black Hair-itage [] is another one I need to see. This one includes our own Dr. JoAnne Cornwell as an ethnic hair care industry contributor amongst a host of others.

I'm on a quest today to find both of these movies... now that at this moment I can't see them to find them showing in my local area.

Natural Journeys Readers, do you know where to see movies Good Hair and My Nappy Roots anywhere nationalwide? DO TELL...

Seems I am so late about knowledge of the Nappy Roots movie (2006) that I missed that there was a lawsuit between the two movies! Movie maker,
Regina Kimbell claimed her movie, My Nappy Roots, a documentary that she made in 2005, was the inspiration behind Rock's Good Hair, and sued him for …