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A Startling Fact About How To Achieve All Benefits Of Mineral Makeup as a Woman of Color

Leave Bismuth compounds alone…
You are probably like—“Bismuth, WHO?” “WHAT?!”

Allow me to explain….

While Bismuth does occur free in nature, compounds like Bismuth Oxychloride is known to cause itching, severe redness, pustules, and cystic acne.

If that is not enough, you need to know that bismuth is the mineral component that brings the ashen appearance often seen on the woman of color after the application of certain cosmetics. Bismuth oxychloride serves no useful purpose, other than its' use as a whitener, smoother and filler.

Is it in YOUR favorite foundation? You might wish to visit Skin Deep – a great place to uncover the “usual suspects” in our health and beauty aids.
In other cases, all you’ll probably have to do is look in the mirror after applying your makeup or take a look at yourself in natural sunlight to what “face” you are presenting the world at large.

I won’t leave you without a solution, however. (Don’t you just HATE when people can delineate all the problems yet offer not a single solitary solution? I sure do! But, anyway, I digress…)

Check out Valana Minerals… I use the foundation and have tried a few of the vegan lip glosses and I’ve gotta say… I LOVE THE FOUNDATIONS for sure.

Find YOUR multi-colors. I say this because if you are like me, I’m multi-toned on the surface. Light here. Darker there. Let’s not even get into UNDERTONES. (I had struggled so with trying to the match my skintone that I didn’t even understand WHAT undertones were about.) My experience had consistently been that my foundations just NEVER matched my skin. So, I’d rarely wore it. When I did apply what foundation I had, I couldn’t WAIT to wash it off when “face time” was over!!

Again, order some samples or the sample kit from Valana Minerals. If you’ve never visited the website prepare to be pleasantly overwhelmed at the virtual breath and depth of colors available. YOUR SHADE IS THERE! Your summer, fall, and winter shades are there for your summertime sun-kissed skintone, and for your not so sun-kissed fall and wintertime skintones. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here? If your face is darker/lighter than say your chest, YOUR SHADES are ALL there. No light, medium, or dark – one size fit all kind of thing at this website. I tell you…it’s a beautiful thing for women of color like yellow/gold, red or olive undertones with various combinations of red and blue.

I emailed and called customer service for help myself. I spoke with the owner! She was most helpful.


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