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Retightening my hair.. argghhhhh!

Now you all know how much I absolutely positively LOVE my hair... well, my love affair became quite tainted with the challenge of retightening my hair myself. While I am entirely capable of doing it (I've been trained well-- thx Paulette) and supported by many of my dearest SL'd sistahs online from all over our great nation not to mention that when I set my mind to something its already done…

I JUST DON'T [mind bending expletives deleted] WANT TO DO IT! (Makes me wanna cuss...for real)

Locks4Life Certified SL Consultants Robin, Atoya and Paulette each gave me grief when I showed back up at the salon for Paulette to complete what I had started and just had failed to finish and to set-up my regular regime of precisely scheduled retightening appointments. Robin taunted me talkin’ about… “how do you feel about dropouts?!” Alluding to the fact that I am a teacher by profession who hates to see students just give up (I didn’t catch it at first). But, then I guess I am thinkin’ like SOME dropouts who ARE skilled but NOT in the skill sets that are testable or revered for certifiable matriculation through our hollowed halls of academia. Yet these some of these same students go on to start their own business—online and offline that reaps them big bucks beyond my teacher’s salary. Who’s successful now? It becomes a matter of one’s definition of success.

Anyway… I know now that they were just messin’ with me… because truth be told, NOT ONE of them even consider retightening her own hair. They each ‘fessed up to this fact. Paulette for sure isn't about to do her's...she's got micro-SL.

Wonderin’ if I FEEL that I have wasted my money by talking the class? NOPE! I now have acquired another skill set that will come in handy WHEN I MAKE MY MIND UP TO USE IT. (I also now qualify for a discount towards enrolling in the four day Sisterlocks Training Class if I ever wish to become a Certified SL Consultant.) Furthermore, I will not be handicapped if for whatever reason Robin, Atoya, Paulette and a host of other locitians all over this 3rd rock from the sun just vanished into thin air. (I’m so dramatic, aren’t I?)

Next retightening appt.: September 4th… HELLO! Glory to God! Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus… LOL kinda


Lalaboobaby said…
Loved your update. I'm thinking next year when I go to the SL homecoming that I'll take the retightening class. Now I'm not sure how often I'll actually want to do my own retightenings but at least I'll know how. Good luck the locks, you look fab.
Penny said…
Ah!! You quitter!! I feel your pain but I will continue to be a DIY. However I will modify by going to see my consultant every three retightening. So you couldn't figure out how you were gong to do it when schoolstarted. I am shaking my head at you "teacher". LOL
Spicylocks said…
I am a teacher myself. Life is very demanding and tryting to re-tighten your own hair is extremely tedious. I already told my loctican I will not being taking the class for quite some time. I enjoy having my hair done by someone else. I do applaud your effort. : )
Anonymous said…
Wow! Your consultant's locks are very thin! Are they microlocks? How many does she have? How many locks do you have?
3girlsmomma said…
My SL Consultant does indeed have micro Sisterlocks. She has been combining them because they are too thin. I have no idea how many locs she has. I have 500 give or take a few. My retightenings take a pro 4 hours (my normal). I had no idea that others' retightenings take 2-3 hours normally.

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