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Who dat DONE with her own retightening... DAY 4: I'm FINISHED!!!!

7:34PM EST - I completed my OWN SL retightening session!! WHO'S BAD!
I'm so happy with myself. It's done! I did it! YEah!! It took 4 days including real-life happening during that time minus working outside the home. (I guess I SHOULD have logged my time I suppose. I guess I didn't want to overwhelm myself with specifics.)

Honestly, I'm NOT very proficient with the SL tool... if I may say so,a common hair pin was my savior. I kept snagging other hairs with my SL tool doing my own hair. I bet I COULD, however, retighten my kids' hair with the SL tool IF they had SLs in the same #4 retightening pattern.

Check out my pics my daughter took... [upper, left] After so many hours of my kids watching me retighten my hair, my 6-year got into the act with one of her sisters (my husband captured this photo); [upper, right] Me just happy to be DONE; [lower, left] Showing my work on top; [lower, right] Showing my work in the back ...well, kind of...

REFLECTIONS: I'll keep practicing with the SL tool; honestly, I'm NOT looking forward to the NEXT TIME; I AM GENUINELY proud of my accomplishment. I have a new skill set! I am still having REAL difficulty envisioning fitting doing my own retightenings into my present lifestyle with little kids and work. We will see how it works out!


P J Lipscomb said…
Love your hair it looks great. Congrats on taking the retightening class!

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